Hotel Relakx
Mithat Nallbani normally lives in Peja, Kosovo. His job is dental technician. However, he created his own island, called Hotel Relakx in the valley of Rugova. He goes there almost everyday. He was an alcoholist for many years. After quitting alcohol, he needed a place to relax and do something useful. He moves huge rocks and build strange monuments, and he also plays basketball on his own field.

Mithat works in the local hospital as a dental technician in Peja, Kosovo.

Mithat is able to move huge rocks by using two iron sticks. The power does not matter, but the technic.

Locals know well Mithat and his hobby. They usually visit him on the island.

Real dirt on Mithat's hand. Sometimes he works for hours to finish his "artpieces".

Mithat needs to reorganize reguralry the big rocks around the island, otherwise the water might flow in, and destroy everything.

The island is a symbol of escaping from his reality in Kosovo.

If the weather is nice, Mithat has 3 training during the day. This comes from his commitment to the USA. His goal is to break his record every day, and make himself fit.

The island locates close to the Montengro boarder in the valley of Rugova. From this perspective, you can see how many things were built by Mithat.

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